Make your own valve button pearls

Ever have a pearl fall off your horn? Did you lose it? Well there’s an easy way to make your own replacement pearls! All you need is some 5 minute epoxy and powdered pearl material. We get our pearl powder from Badger State Repair but you can use stuff that’s available at your local craft supply store.

You can use stuff like this:

or this|10730458&CPNG=toys&ci_sku=10730458&ci_gpa=pla&ci_kw=

Any kind of powder pigment color will probably work but you should test it out first. Just mix up the epoxy and add the pearl powder until you have a consistency you like. Then using a q-tip with the tip cut off, put enough of the mixture into the spot for the pearl to fill it. Wipe off any excess that may have gotten onto the outside of the pearl holder and let it cure. After about an hour, you should have a new pearl! If you want a concave pearl, just put a piece of wax paper over the mixture while it’s still curing and place a marble or bearing on top to form the concave shape.


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