Pad eating bugs

If one day you take your instrument out of the closet after a long time and you find that your pads are missing chunks, these guys are to blame:


They’re a little bug that likes dark places and to eat the glue used in woodwind pads, especially flute and clarinet. If you want to avoid this problem, don’t leave your instruments in a dark place for a very long time and air the case out every now and again.


How to make yellow flute pads

Some flutes come with yellow colored pads installed instead of the traditional white pads. There’s no difference between yellow and white pads other than the color. So instead of buying yellow pads, I just use McCormick’s yellow food coloring to stain my white pads yellow. It matches the pads pretty much perfectly right out of the bottle and you can dilute it with water to get exactly what you want if you’re picky. Simple, cheap, easy. 0005210007107_300X300