conn bass sax

Sometimes I work on some big instruments. Here’s one of the biggest, a conn bass saxophone. It’s owned by a Philadelphia string band and I’m doing a complete mechanical restoration on it right now. It needed all new pads, dent work, soldering work, needed all new springs, tone holes leveled, etc. Everything you’d ever have to do to a saxophone, I’ve done on this one. Bass sax is weird compared to the other saxophones because the key work is somewhat different because of the need to span a much greater distance but still keep the touch pieces within reach of a hand. It’s an interesting experience to work on a bass sax, but it’s not something I want to repeat too often. Normally for a job like this, we’d get $1600. In this case, the string band is low on funds so we’re being nice and doing it for $1000 and hope they can come up with some more cash later. We’ll see I guess.


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