It’s been a while

I haven’t written anything for the last couple of months; things have been really busy in the shop and at home. It’s rental season after all and in addition to that, all the teachers want their horns back ASAP. So I’ve been working a lot of overtime lately.

Update on that conn bass sax: I failed in designing a new octave system. That bummed me out but I ran out of time so I had to just copy the original mechanism. Horn ended up playing really nicely and looking good, but I really wanted to finish my design. Oh well, maybe next time. Frankly I hope it isn’t too soon, I’m not in the mood to overhaul another bass sax for a long while.

I lucked out not long ago and I found a guy selling his old r13 for $25 on craigslist. I overhauled it and now I’m trying to sell it for a decent price. It’s a nice horn for sure. A King Zephyr tenor sax I had sitting around for a while was also just completed. I’m trying to sell that horn too.

I’ll write some sort of repair related post soon.